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Find people to do things for you, anywhere in the world!

Real people helping real people!

Find people to do things for you, anywhere in the world;

Map of Needs aims to make it easy to get the little things done anywhere in the world.

By establishing a community of reliable and trustworthy people to help you, we like to think we're making the world a smaller and nicer place in which to live.

Brendan Lester - Map of Needs Director.

Around the world

We're going around the world promoting a different country for having things done in each month.
This month we're in New Zealand. So if you've ever needed something done there but not known where to start, this is the place.

Picture Wall

One of our current marketing campaigns is needing 'Hi' pictures from certain places. By doing this, we're showing how simple it is to have something done somewhere else in the world.

Of course, you will likely need something more than just pictures, but you get the idea - anything is possible, anywhere in the world.




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Around the World

This week we’re starting our ‘around the world’ campaign. We’ll be selecting a different country every month and concentrating our efforts on ‘finding people to do things for you’ in that country.

We’re going to start somewhere a little local for us, but perhaps as remote as you can get for a lot of other people – New Zealand. So if you’ve ever wanted or needed to have something done in New Zealand but didn’t know where to start,…

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