How Map of Needs works

Find people to do things for you, anywhere in the world!

What Needs can be listed?

Anything, anywhere as long as it is legal. Shopping, cut the grass, organise a party, or simply take a photo.

You name it - if you need something done in a specific location, this is the place to start.

Who can Add Needs?

Anyone with a requirement that is legal and they have the intention to complete the transaction in accordance with our terms & conditions and the helper's expectations.

Who can Help?

Anyone with the necessary skills and intention to complete people's needs in accordance with our terms & conditions and to the satisfaction of the requestors expectations.


Joining, asking for help, helping others and connecting with people here is all free.

Map of Needs does not facilitate money between members. Paying helpers is the responsibility of the person needing something done.

Trust and Honesty

Map of Needs aims to maintain a safe and trustworthy community through the use of feedback and ratings. Of course, the internet can be a dangerous place, and we advise caution and common sense when dealing with people unknown.

If you have any concerns regarding other members, please Contact Us.